Tuesday, September 7, 2010

39 Knitting Days Til Rhinebeck

Celtic Critter Cardigan swatchesJust to make you panic.

Because misery loves company and all.

Cast your mind back to earlier in the year, before my life descended into chaos because of my interstate move, when I had the big idea of designing and knitting a cardigan in time to wear to Rhinebeck.

The motivation was that I bought all that yarn last year that I hadn't used, which makes it kind of hard to justify buying more.

The problem is my process go severely derailed because of the move.

So much for setting goals.

The sweater is still in the swatchy state I left it in several months ago.

The "design" is still just scribbles on a piece of paper. Or perhaps several pieces, which is a whole nother issue.

Boy howdy, I hope I can understand those notes now.

I have this vague memory that I have to rework the shoulders and sleeve caps.


Well, I should go try to sort it out. Blogging about the situation isn't getting me any closer to being done.

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