Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks, Jelli!

Goodies from JelliDonutI have an online friend named JelliDonut.

I started following her on twitter, because she is another knitter.

Then, since most people link their blog to their twitter account, I started reading her blog and subscribed to her RSS feed.

Once I did that I had to track her down on Ravelry to find out more about her projects.

This is all fairly normal for the way social media connections progress. At some point I added her as a Flickr contact as well, which is weird since I haven't grown that network at all. Flickr is just a place I post photos so I can get them into Ravelry.


JelliDonut likes to do giveaways on her blog. She gave away a digital scale once.

It was her birthday recently and she had another giveaway...and I won!

Honestly, I felt a little guilty when I first saw my name on her blog since most of the time I'm just driving by sassing her. But she seems a little sarcasitc too, so she probably appreciates the sass.

Then, of course, I came to my senses because it's sock yarn! And I shook that guilt right off and sent her my mailing address. :-) hehehe

The picture is of the awesome goodies she sent me (yes! even the project bag!). She even printed the errata from the book. How organized is that?

It's not the best picture because it's been raining for days and days here.

So there is a skein of Socks That Rock lightweit in "The skein with no name" colorway, sort of oranges and browns. A skein of Mountian Colors in "Evergreen," dark blues, greens, and purples. And a skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox in Color #1858, red, orange, purple and green.

As you know red and blue are two of my favorite colors. And I do need more dark socks in my wardrobe, so everything it just spot on. It was meant to be. sigh.

The women in the Library Knitting group were rather impressed with everything. Especially the spiffy knitting bag. It has lots of zippered pockets for organizing things and it big enough for a large amount of yarn. (Sorry, no tag so I can't tell you the brand.)

You should stop by and check out her blog. It's a fun read. And you never know when she's going to start tossing stuff around again.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pet my new yarn.


  1. Me, sarcastic? Me?!?!?!? Surely you're talking about someone else.

    Enjoy the goodies, Ann. I've enjoyed your blog and I'm glad you were the winner. Thanks for all your enlightening posts and for the shout-out. See? An entire paragraph completely devoid of sarcasm--you're a good influence!

  2. JelliDonut is nice. She just doesn't want everyone to know it. hhehehe
    Congratulations on your win!