Sunday, December 18, 2011

Through a Knitting Filter

You see a charm bracelet....

I see stitch markers!
From The Adventures of Traveling Ann
A friend had a jewelry party.

You know like a Tupperware Party, but for jewelry.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. I wasn't going to get anything for myself.

But there were all these incentives, buy this get that half price.

And she had the big version of this bracelet as a sample, with the cute red heart charm.

I saw those lobster claw clips and it was all over.

What a convention way to keep stitch markers on hand. (pun acknowledged!)

The jewelry was just delivered on Friday and as you can see it has already been pressed into service on my Electric Bunny Sweater.

As you may or may not know, but could tell from the random pictures I've posted, I'm working this sweater top-down.

I had considered working the sleeves two at a time to keep the decreases the same, but that wasn't possible.

For various reasons, instead of using the ball in a cake, I've been using it off my swift. Doesn't make it terribly portable or flexible. I was worried that if I tried to work both sleeves that way I'd end up with a hopeless tangle.

The end result was I worked the first sleeve, clipped removable markers to the decreases to make them visible, then worked the second sleeve to match by counting rows.

Yesterday (a Saturday) Hubby and I had a "Pillars of the Earth" TV marathon. We have to clear out our DVR and had to watch something.

I knit practically the entire second sleeve while we were watching.

There is something to be said for plain stockinette stitch on US10 needles!

I just have to finish the cuff then work a collar of some sort and the sweater will be done.

Well, aside from grafting the underarms and weaving in the ends. I should have a finished sweater before Christmas!