Saturday, April 28, 2012

That's just weird

The Purple Jitterbug Socks were the socks of choice this morning.

As I was "walking" the dogs I felt a bit of a breeze on one ankle.

(I use the word "walking" loosely since I take them across the street to the big field, remove their leashes, and let them run.)

Why is there is a breeze in my shoe?

I look down and see a big old hole in my sock heel.
"Wait I minute," I think, "didn't I already darn these socks?"

And, sure enough, I can see a little patch on the other heel.

Why on Earth would I darn one sock and not the other?

(Oh, maybe because darning is boring and sucks?)

Thinking I might have mentioned it in a previous blog post (back when I was blogging regularly), I check my project in Rav to find the links and sure enough, there is it.

One sock looked thin, so it got reinforced, and the other looked fine.

The weird thing is that happened on April 30, 2011.

How freaky is it that almost a year later the second sock should bite the dust?

Also, looking at the first sock, there seems to be some thinning below the patch so I should hit that while I'm at it.

On the bright side, I'm pleased to report that I do learn and evolve. Subsequent sock darnings have included preventative patches on the second sock.

I've been practicing strict project monogamy this year.

It's been going well and I've been finished a lot of projects I haven't been telling you about.

I've been selecting my projects with care based on either special yarn I've been hoarding or a special pattern I've been wanting to make.

Those are, of course, fairly broad criteria and don't really pinpoint projects. A couple knit alongs have presented themselves to help me select projects.

Anyway, my point is, with all these sock deaths, maybe I should dedicate a month to using up some of this fabulous sock yarn I have.

Hmm, maybe this year I'll take Summer of Socks more seriously.