Monday, February 1, 2016

Indulgence Fingerless Mitts

looked at the large amount of yarn leftover after finishing my Thumb Joint Socks and thought it would be a shame to toss it back into the stash. 

I've been wanting a new pair of fingerless mitts recently, so I immediately cast on. 

To keep things simple, I followed the numbers from my socks. That plan worked out fine. 

The only "issue" as I was knitting was with the thumb gusset. 

I guess I've been following knitting patterns more than I've been designing them lately. 

The first gusset attempt came out shorter than I wanted. 

Even the second one, technically, wasn't what I had in mind. But these mitts were for myself and my patience only extends so far, so the second attempt was used. 

Despite the gusset struggles, the fit the fit is quite good. 

Everyone at knitting group appreciated them. One woman liked them so much I emailed her the pattern. 

The marvels of modern technology. I was able to open my Note over the pattern and send it away!