Friday, January 22, 2010

Heel Flap Opinions

Green sock flap My current mindless project is a pair of plain stockinette stitch socks using some green Austremann Step yarn (with Aloe and jajoba!) mom gave me for my last birthday.

She said she went into a local yarn store and told them, "My daughter likes to knit socks." Smart cookie, that one. Obviously runs in the family.

I've used this yarn before. I made Hubby a pair of socks out of the blue colorway and I have a skein of the red colorway in stash. I was meaning to use the red for myself, but then Hubby showed interest in it. The poor skein has been languishing as I tried to decide who should get it. But then mom gave me this green one and the decision was made. I could use the red for Hubby since I had to use the green for myself.

Anyway. These socks have been low project on the totem pole, but I finally reached the first heel flap.

In keeping with the mindless theme, I decided to go back to the old st st flap with a slipped stitch edge, as opposed to the heel stitch flap with a garter edge that I've been obsessed with for the last few pairs.

Well, now I'm picking up stitches along the flap and I've suddenly decided that in all cases I prefer the garter edge.

I was digging through my old posts to confirm I learned it in a Charlene Schurch class (back in 2008!) and discovered that I didn't like it at first. I thought it was hard to pick up. Now I've done a 180 and decided the slip stitch edge is hard to pick up.Scrappy 2 done
I counted up one side and got 17. I counted the other and got 16. I'll have to fudge a stitch. I know things will change when I knit over the other side. It's hard to keep track of which loop to go in. whaa whaa whaa.

Seems to me I wasn't having these issues with the garter edge. Seems to me they had an obvious equal number of stitches to pick up. Seems to me they stood out better since you just
pick up between the ridges. blah blah blah.

I even briefly considered pulling this flap out and reknitting it. What's 28 rows? But I resisted. And I'll make the other sock to match.

Of course, the garter edge is quite a different look, but isn't that part of the charm?

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  1. I love the partridge stitch on heels with a twisted knit on the first row after picking up the edges, if you see what I mean. Makes for a nice cushioned heel and eliminates any holes on the sides of the heel if you aren't too good at picking up from the slipped stitches.