Saturday, November 13, 2010

Qina Eyepillow, Jr

Eye pillows I have a massive blogging backlog. I was doing so well for a while (don't disillusion me) and then I fell off the wagon again.

Well, instead of overwhelming you with one of my famously longwinded posts I will try to catch up in more managable, and considered, chunks.

Remember the Qina Eye Pillow I made back in July?

Well, that first one took just over half the skein of yarn. I looked at the remainder and thought, "Huh, I bet I could make a second, smaller one from that."

And, indeed, I could and did. Because the Qina being a mix of bamboo and alpaca was just to yummy to cast aside.

For the second one I stopped increasing at 40 sts and knit even to 5 inches before starting to decrease.

As you can see in the picture, the second pillow is about the same width as the first, but shorter. (And I carefully measured it, but didn't write it down. Drat. I think around 7" compared to 9"?) Anyway, it was a fine size, just not as generous in coverage.

I stuffed the first one with leftover flax and lavender from repairing Rudy. The second one I ended up stuffing with a mix of lavender and mung beans that I bought at Michael's. This makes it heavier than the first, but still comfortable.

I think if was to make more eyepillows, which is something I'm considering, I would divide the ball of yarn in half first to make the two pillows more evenly sized.

But that would require me to start down the slippery slope of gift knitting and that doesn't happen around here.

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  1. as an end user, I'd look for an eyepillow that is long/wide enough to extend over the edge of my eyesockets towards my temples. The idea of flax weight is enticing and I'm already thinking about making one myself and taking a lavender-scented nap...