Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Distracted

I can feel my project monogamy slipping away!

My focus is being lost. Multiple projects are calling my name and I'm finding it hard to ignore them.

Despite all my big talk yesterday I haven't started the slippers yet. How quickly things change. Could it be the blogging? I looked at it too directly and caused it to shatter?

Instead of the slippers I was working on a nosewarmer.

I know. And they are as silly as they sound.

I made ones for my walking friend and myself last week when it was particularly cold. What? Cold weather in New England in January? Who would have thunk it.

Then I made one for my friend Mel out in Chicago because she had mentioned she wanted to be more active, but it was rather cold to be walking or jogging outside.

Well, she thought it was adorable and her husband got jealous and wanted one with a mustache.

So that's what I was knitting last night.

The other project that has been drawing my mental eye is a pair of fingerless mitts.

I made that Cable Brim Cap out of the Winter 2011/12 issue of Vogue Knitting. I used Juniper Moon Farm Chadwick yarn. It came out very cute.
I had about 33 grams of yarn left, which doesn't sound like much, but it's such lofty yarn it looks like a good amount. Anyway, I was thinking maybe I could use the leftover yarn to make matching mitts.

And, well, all that is keeping me from the slippers.

But I can salvage this.

The mitts are still just an idea. I can nip that in the bud.

All I have to do is go crochet a mustache and then nothing stands between me and the slippers.

Well, aside from giving Samson and Baru last outs and going to bed.

But at some point soon the slippers will be mine!


  1. Love the nose warmer. Who knows, it could become a trend.

    I totally get the distraction thing. I'm trying to stay focused enough to finish a few long standing projects. So many others calling my name.

  2. A trend?
    Well, I've already knit 4 so I'm going my part! :-D

    1. Oh, look! I managed to activate threaded comments. huzzah!

  3. I love those nose-warmers!! They look like little beaks. So cute! The hat came out great too. Love the design of it with the ear flaps. I see snow in the background. No snow in Ohio. Buckeye Chuck (our groundhog) said spring is on the way, so we will probably get a blizzard next week!

    1. Those silly groundhogs!

      Yeah, I hadn't thought of the duck-bill aspect of an orange nose warmer. Oh, well. Orange is the color of the year so I'm very stylish.