Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Doggone Embarrasing

Don't let Baru's sweet face fool you.
Samson and Baru have outdone themselves today.

When I "walk" the dogs I take them across the street to a big field. There I remove their leashes and let them run around or we play fetch.

Various people on campus have informed me that it is a great source of amusement to them to watch the dogs drag me across the street every day.

But that is my life, so what are you going to do except laugh along with them? I'm out numbered and outweighed and the dogs know it.

When we take these outings I do my best to stop them on the sidewalk going and coming and to never cross in front of a car. It is my hope that these routines are seeping into their furry brains and will be applied if they ever get out alone (not that I really believe that will be the case).

So today they are all excited about the sunny weather and actually made it to the tarmac before I managed to bring them to a halt and drag them back onto the sidewalk.

During this struggle there was a police car coming down the street, but he saw us and stopped.

Once we were safely on the sidewalk I waived him forward.

He rolled forward a little, but since pedestrians in New Hampshire have the right of way he stopped again and waived me forward.
Samson is only controllable when asleep.

The dogs some how saw that, interpreted it correctly, and tried to take off across the street!

Really, puppies?!

But I hauled them up short, retreated toward the house, and waived him on again.

This time he pulled up to the curb, got out of the patrol car, and laughingly informed me that he had never seen that before. The dog seeing the signal and going.

I agreed that I was pretty surprised as well.

Then I told him they are friendly, but jumpy, and he already saw I had no control over them.

Despite that he bravely came forward, gave them pets, and told them how beautiful they are.

He suggested that I get them pinch collars, which won't hurt them, but will allow me to control them. He implied I might even get to be the Alpha when they are wearing them.

I've always wanted to be the Alpha. I think a trip to the pet store is in my near future.


  1. Check out the halti--we have them for both dogs. It doesn't pinch them, but it goes around their muzzles--it just naturally keeps them from pulling because when they pull, their head goes down. So they learn not to pull. It works instantaneously. http://www.getpetsupplies.co.uk/news_head_collars.asp

    1. Thanks!
      I bought a "Gentle Leader", which looks similar, for Samson when he was a puppy (an actual puppy), but he just flopped to the ground and tried to paw it off so I gave up.
      Might be time to get it out and try again.