Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lady Godiva's Glove?

The other day I got out the doll I knit with the idea that I should probably finally make her some clothes.
For motivation I put her on the side of my desk where I could see her constantly.
Since her head is (let's be honest) a little big for her to sit up nicely I arranged her so she was reclining comfortably.
(Remember, I work from home so having a naked doll on my desk is not an issue.)
This morning I arrive at my desk and she is wearing one of my fingerless mitts.
"huh," I think, "that's weird."
When Hubby woke up I asked if he had put the glove on her.
He said yes.
He said her saw he laying there and she looked like a Mini-Me and I'm always wearing my mitts so it seemed appropriate.
My Hubby is silly.
On the other hand, considering it's just us and the dogs if he had said no we would have had a problem.

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