Friday, August 31, 2012

I don't miss my commute

And I don't miss working in an office.

But sometimes I miss how they both boxed in my day.

When you work in office you couldn't mess around in the morning. Any disaster had to be dealt with in the 15 minutes before you left for work. After that it was either over or you would deal with it when you got home.

Working from home it's easy to get sucked into things. You start dealing with one task that leads to another task and all of a sudden your whole day is gone.

As for the morning commute, I don't miss sitting on the Merritt Parkway for an hour twice a day every day. But I do miss the mental free time that activity provided at the beginning and end of the day.

Since I started working from home I haven't managed to find an activity that replicates that forced contemplation that sitting in the car during rush hour seems to provide.

Maybe I just think about different things differently now.

Our move to New York has brought new complications with Hubby's schedule being so different from anything it was in the past.

Now I must balance my need to work with my desire to see him when he's available.
It's an ever-changing adventure, this working from home stuff, one of these days I'll get the hang of it.

As an interesting aside, I got a new iPhone earlier in the week. I wrote most of this post using the dictation function. It's pretty cool. It's also much easier than trying to type on the little bitty keyboard.

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