Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweater Surgery

I woke up this morning with a potentially brilliant idea. 

My iPhone suggested "dangerous " after I typed "potentially", Siri knows me so well. 
Anyway, I knit this Buttercup top last Summer. Halfway through I read that the pattern runs large. 

Turns out that is accurate. 

The body fit well, but the bodice was a bit plunging for my taste. 

After all that time knitting, I wore it anyway. 

The problem is the neckline has only grown more open with each wash and wear. Really, it's starting to be unwearable. 

On Wednesday, I was discussing the issue with a lady at knitting group who also knit one and is having the same issue. (Although she used a different yarn.)

She said she might just frog it, and I agreed that might be the way to go. Since the sweater is knit top-down you have to go through the entire garment to reach the neckline. 

Then this morning I woke up and thought, "Why not just frog the problem area?"

shouldn't have to cut anything since I want to save the "skirt."

Instead, I can find where I joined a new ball after the bodice, pick out the end, and unravel up. 

The skirt stitches will be placed on a lifeline until I'm ready to join the pieces together. I'm thinking Kitchener stitch. 

One potential problem is getting the stitch count of the new, smaller top to match the skirt so I can graft them. 

But, really, if I'm not going to wear it as-is I've got nothing to lose. 

At most, it might end up longer because I have to keep knitting to get the stitch counts to match. 

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