Monday, March 3, 2008

Hello, what do we know about gauge?

Aside from the fact that it is not our friend?
Well, sometimes it will actually indicate how something might fit.
Other knitters and crocheters will tell you how very important gauge is and especially getting the correct gauge. Under the right circumstances, I might even be one of them. But honestly I hate it and swatches as much as the next gal.
The Cat's pajamas Socks are history. Torn out and risen from the ball once again. I was frogging and trying to figure out how to catch my slip stitch when it occurred to me that I could catch it at the ribbing and go forward, since the goal was to extend the ribbing. Which is what I did, picking up stitched around and then yanking with abandon.
Today I was contemplating it and it occurred to me that although the gauge on the US1 seemed lovely in stockinette stitch, the pattern might be pulling in and adding to my dissatisfaction.
One motif was measuring 1 3/4 inches and two together were measuring 3 1/2" for a circumference of 6, when I'm after 7.
So, after I finished the ribbing on the US1 because I'm lazy, I switched to my fancy 2.5mm metal Pony dpns that Hubby brought me from Poland. At the time I thought bigger needles, bigger gauge, bigger socks. But now I'm not so sure. Probably just second guessing again. I'm only worked one repeat, so between the ribbing and the needles I can't get an accurate measurement.
Oh well, can't hurt to keep going for another repeat or two. It seemed to fit better, at least.
I have no pictures. The camera is tantalizingly close. It's here, in the house. But access was denied. Soon, though. He can't keep it from me forever. And then I will finally take a picture of my finished Stars & Stripes sweater and whatever state the socks are in.
At the same time, I'm starting to think a nice plain pair of stockinette stitch socks might be nice. Something to work on that I don't have to think about. But I will resist.
Oh! Six people have read the blog now. I told my mom about it, finally, when she was up on Monday. She took it rather well. Just before I told her she admitted she doesn't like the hat I made her. She said it is a wee bit small, which makes it look funny when she wears it. Or would it be it makes her look funny when she wears it. Anyway, she's passing it to my niece, who likes it and has a smaller head. Then she asked if I could make her a scarf with the leftover yarn. Have to let her know it will be predominately purple, that hat used a lot of red. We would need more red if she wants it balanced. Of course if I stall long enough the weather will warm up and she might forget about it. Oh, wait, can't say things like that anymore, she's reading the blog now.

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  1. Dear Traveling Ann, I must admit that the hat made me both look funny and looked funny on me...Think Whoopie Goldberg in startrek ...A scarf with the same colors will be nice!!
    Those colors are beautiful... vibrant and rich!
    On a non-knitting note, went to a Lisa Scotoline book signing last night!!! She is so funny! Such a warm people person!!! She three tasty cakes into the audience and and everyone who came up to get a book signed got chocolate Tasty Cake cupcakes!!!!! I don't know if she knits, but she sure can write!!!!!