Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've been measuring socks

I've been dividing my attention between my felted Ravelry ID bag and the Cat's Pajamas Socks I'm designing. I've worked the first sock down to the ankle and can start the heel flap now, but I'm just not sure.
When I originally swatched this pattern using Jitterbug, a nice little scalloped edge developed because I only worked five rows of ribbing. Just enough to give the top edge stability for measuring. Although I usually work 15 rows of ribbing, I went with the five rows for these socks, but the scallop isn't happening. Maybe because this yarn is finer than Jitterbug, maybe because I actually tried these on.
Regardless, I'm thinking the lack of ribbing is making the top just a wee bit snug and the pattern will look better if it starts further down.
The length also has me concerned. As I've made socks for myself I've settled on lengths and widths that I like, and I'm not sure these aren't a bit tall. I like 15 rows of ribbing, and from cast on to heel should be as long as my hand. so there. These are longer than my hand when relaxed but when I put them on they shrink down to 6 1/4 inches. So now I have to gather all my other socks to compare. Guess it's been longer than I realized since I made myself socks if all this second guessing is going on. Of course the patterned fabric behaves differently than plain old stockinette, which is what I usually do for socks. Apparently because I don't want all this design grief.
However, if I want to measure ALL my socks, I'm going to have to do the laundry. boring!
In other news, the camera is once again off with a yearbook student, so I can't take a good picture of my progress on my Ravelry bag. I tossed it on the scanner, so the colors are a little off and you can't see it in all its full sized glory. I did buy another skein each of green and white on Saturday. All that duplicate stitch is going to be a thrill a minute, but I have to finish the flat knitting first.
Ok, I should really accomplish something today, other than breakfast and some knitting.

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