Thursday, August 27, 2009

Done: Scrappy Socks 1 RB

Scrappy socks RB doneWow, I was down with a doozy of a headache the last two days. Not fun at all. Guess I shouldn't have taunted my migraines in that last blog post.

The one good thing was I'm not on any close deadlines at work this week, so I was able to call in sick for both days and not have to worry about it.

Of course, I wasn't feeling so very bad that I couldn't knit! (The pain does come and go, after all.)

I finished my first set of scrappy socks last night.

As you can see, I ended up going with the ruffled anklets.

Trust me, that's a ruffle on there. I swear.

After working the heel, I was able to work about 15 rows before the red yarn ran out. I switched to the blue and kept an eye on the rapidly dwindling balls.

I worked even in stockinette to 25 rows, then I switched to ribbing. It had already occurred to me that a ruffle was probably in my future.

The balls continued to decrease rapidly. To make matters worse they weren't the same size.

Maybe it was the migraine talking, but I said to myself, "Do you really want to do all that knitting only to have them end up a goofy length, which will force you to rip back and knit a ruffle anyway?"

So after row 30 I knit front and back around. The worked two rows even and cast off.

The ruffle is heavy enough that it takes the ribbing with it when it flops over. I suppose this means I should have worked more rows of ribbing. Really, five rows of ribbing, who was I kidding?

I'm debating pulling out the ruffle and extending them. But you and I both know that isn't going to happen.

Lazy? Me?

In the end though, I'm pleased with them. I'm wearing them today with jeans. As soon as I finished weaving in the ends and put them on last night I realized they will be adorable when I wear my Mary Janes with a skirt.

That was one tactical error I made when I bought these shoes—I wore my hand-knit socks to be sure to get shoes that fit, but now I can't wear them with normal socks. Which makes skirt or sundress wearing a little awkward.

I guess I'll plunge into the purple and orange scrappy socks when I get home. But now I've learned my lesson. I have less of the purple and orange yarns than I did of the red and blue yarns. Now I know there is no way I'll get full socks out of them. So I can start with the ruffle and work cuff down.

And if for some strange reason I run out, I'll just toss the left over blue into the mix.

(In case you are wondering, that is a corner of my desk at work. You can see Wee Teddy with his raglan sweater in the background. And that is a puppy picture of Samson when we first brought him home. And those are Hubby's legs in his kilt at our church wedding!)

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  1. Very cute - but I want to see them in your Mary Janes! ;)