Monday, August 24, 2009

Dropping the Ball

Oh, this post will be a little on the lame side.

I understand it is bad form to not blog and then come back an apologize for it. It's probably also bad form to blog about lame stuff. But I blog by my own rules.

I have stuff to talk about, but I'm terribly unprepared. In fact, I thought about not blogging at all. But I have to keep in the habit.

I've been knitting. But have no pictures.

I need to finish those book reviews. But forgot the book.

I have to finish up our France trip. But didn't write things up over the weekend.

See? Useless.


The Scrappy Socks 1 RB continue to grow. I've worked the heel and am 15 rows into the leg. I have used almost all the red yarn. In fact, I doubt I'll be able to work then entire next round in red. No matter, I'll just switch to the blue mid-round. The socks will be so visually loud anyway what difference will it make?

What does concern me is how short they could end up being. They are basically anklets at the moment. I don't think the blue is going to get me very far. I'm thinking I might bow to their anklet tendencies and make a ruffled cuff. Yeah, that will look fierce with my Mary Jane Earth Shoes.

I see a bunch of frogging in my future. I will probably end up working until I'm out or almost out of blue, then back tracking, and working the ruffle. This should allow me to use up as much yarn as possible. Which is, of course, the goal of these socks.

Unless they are going to end up an awkward length that makes the ruffle look stupid. Then I'll have to pull back further, work the ruffle, and see if I can consign any remaining yarn to the Polka Dot Socks. (Which is doubtful, since the Jitterbug is thicker than the JaWool.)

Do you see how exciting and suspenseful my life is? It's no wonder I get migraines.

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