Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, I See What You Did There

I have the blog comments set up to be e-mailed to me (on the rare occasions that I get one).

This is very convenient, but can take the comments a little out of context. Despite the fact the e-mail subject is the title of the blog post, I sometimes only remember the broad strokes of what I wrote and not the details.

That's the situation I found myself in Sunday night when I saw this comment from my Older Brother:

I would like a green sweater lovingly knitted by my little sister... hint, hint.

On the post where I talked about Hubby asking me to make him a sweater. (Which is your third example of my family's sass levels. Not Hubby's request, my brother's request.)

I scoffed, "A green sweater! I won't even make his kids little kid-sized socks. Why would he think I'd make a man-sized sweater for him?" And I deleted the e-mail and went to bed.

After all, Husbands are made of steak dinners, pancake breakfasts, and back rub goodness, while Brothers are made of eels, and snails, and puppy dog tails.

(Although I'm not sure about that last one. My puppy dogs' tails are rather lovely. Except when they are being used a weapons of mass destruction to sweep my cup of tea off the coffee table.)

Click, Click, Lightbulb
However, since I'm cold hearted not totally heartless, I started thinking about it again Monday morning.

I thought I could make him a green egg cozy sized sweater. That would be funny and obnoxious. (And fast.)

Then I thought about how man-sized sweaters are expensive. Of course, I could use less expensive yarn than I'm using for Hubby's sweater, since after all he's just a brother. Or I could price it and tell him to pony up for the yarn.

But thinking about the egg cozy made me think of the attic stash, which started a cascade of connections in the back of my mind.

Suddenly a realization popped into my brain fully formed. Ruben yarn

That post was also the post where I showed the picture and yarn for the Ruben sweater. Hubby turned his nose up at it.

Brother wasn't asking for "a" green sweater. He was asking for "that" green sweater, which I had basically announced to the world was up for grabs.

This is not only cunning, but a good example of just how very dangerous older brothers can be.

You don't see the danger? Perhaps you don't have an Older Brother of your own so you are not familiar with their ways? I will spell it out for you: I already had the stuff and wanted to make the sweater. He was generously offering me a reason to proceed.

See, very cunning. And very self-sacrificing.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. I know how to cope with these Older Brother Tricks. I have applied Little Sister Logic to the situation and dismissed the whole idea.

See, I can't make him that sweater, because I wouldn't know which size to make since I don't know his chest size.

Ha! Problem solved.


  1. 17" neck
    44" chest
    34-36" waist

    Shall I share the Ladder Truck story? Think, think,... bathtowel.

  2. A Ruben Egg Cozy would be nice too.

    Besides snails, eels, and destructive tails, Older Brothers are also woven together with entertaining accounts of growing up with Little Sisters and watching fire trucks roll up the street.

    Brothers provide motivation, not black mail.

    My kids have been able to inspire you NOT to have children... hmmm. I'll have to find out when mom will visit you next and see if she wants a "little" company or two...

  3. You weren't even home during the fire truck incident!

  4. True dat, but I did see it drive by Morvays while I was working AND I actually bought a coffee for a firefighter from the ladder company on 4th and Plum 3 weeks ago at Wawa.