Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink Static Sock


I'm alive, barely.

And I've been knitting, barely.

Currently I'm on a business trip in Las Vegas. Yes, I know I don't usually admit to the jaunts until I'm back safe at home, but as I haven't been blogging lately all bets are off.

Besides, I've been tweeting like a maniac on two different IDs the entire time I've been out here, so I think the internet knows I'm not at home.


Last weekend I finished those blue striped socks I was working on. I didn't take a picture at the time and I can't take one now since I did not bring finished socks that I'm not planning to wear on my trip. That would have been silly.

I turned around and started these pink socks as soon as the US1 needles were freed. After all, I needed a project for the trip and everything else in progress was not travel friendly because of the size.

Well, aside from the Angora Bedsocks of Power and Fortune! Not that I've worked on them in months and months. Good things I took fairly reasonable notes on how I worked the toe. Considering I still haven't finished the first sock who knows when I'll finish the second sock.


These pink socks are creeping along. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Sockotta Limited in color 9844. And it's, well, cotton sock yarn. It's neither here nor there to knit with. Does that sound mean? I like the way the stripes come up. It's not a stiff as a 100% cotton is. The content is 40% superwash wool, 45% cotton, and 15% nylon. It does make a nice fabric knit up. I haven't found it splitty at all.

I cast on, um, Sunday, and worked a few rows. Then I was able to knit on the flight out here Monday. Between naps. I didn't have a direct flight so I took a damn long time to get out here.

But I haven't had another chance to knit until this evening. And what am I doing instead? Blogging. Seriously, what's wrong with me?

They've kept me hopping on this trip so I just haven't had time in the evenings to knit. I've just been coming back to my room and flopping.

Actually in about an hour or so I'll be trooping back downstairs to meet my coworkers. The company got some tickets to the Love show here at the Mirage. I guess as a reward for our hardwork. Hope I can stay awake for it!

In any event, the sock will get some attention on the trip home tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, didn't have a single problem going through security. Ok, I packed my scissors in my checked bag even though they are suppposed to be permitted now. Still, security didn't bat an eye at my wee double points. Although I heard a woman in the waiting area on the way out saying her crochet hook was flagged. I don't know if she was talking about that day or not. That was interesting. Guess it's an argument for bamboo crochet hooks.

Ok, I think I've gone on long enough. Time to pay attention to the poor sock now.


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  1. I love the Vosges boutique at Caesars Palace. Yummiest chocolate truffles EVER! I hope it's not too hot for you.