Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer of Socks 2010!

Angora Bed Sock footAnd with the Summer Solstice comes the return of Summer of Socks!


Aside from the fact that it makes me pant in fear a little because it's one more thing to commit to and I just cast on for a sweater.

But as I said in the official Ravelry group: I intend to have fun if it kills me.

As you might remember from last year, the goal of Summer of Socks is to...knit socks...from June 21 through Sept. 21.

Some people might take the approach of only socks as their project during this time period. I, of course, generally have a pair of socks on the go, so I approach it as an additional focus on socks.

However, I've recently finally realized that I'm at my knitting best when I practice project monogamy, so we'll see how it goes. (Knitting best being finishing projects and not being stressed about projects. Knitting is supposed to be fun and relaxing!) Oh, sure, I talk big about setting up rotations, but I always end up fixating.

Low Stress, again
This years SoS is planned to be even more low stress than last year. This year there are no prizes. Not that it bothers me since I never won any prizes anyway.

An unofficial official Wedding theme has popped up since the organizer is getting married soon. People are focusing on the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" rhyme.

This totally works for me.

I have the Pink Static Socks already on the needles, and three pairs hibernating. The Angora Bed Socks of Power and Fortune!, the Peacock Socks (remember those), and my own Cubes and Cables Anklets.


Yeah, I knit the first sock as I designed the pattern, then it was at Knitting Central as a store sample for months and months, and I kind of never got around to knitting the second one.

I believe this is the only documented case of Second Sock Syndrome in my history of knitting socks.

My "something blue" would be the lovely yarn Danni gave me for Christmas. Ice Blue Sock yarn

My "something new" could be any of the sock yarns I have in stash that I haven't used yet. I suppose they might be shading into "something old" at this point, but if I haven't used the brand before that counts. OR knitting with something from my stash would be a new behavior. HA!

"Something borrowed" has me stumped. People are posting about borrowing a book from a friend or the library, so that might be the path of least resistance.

However, my best bet will probably be to focus on the four pairs I've already started.

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