Monday, August 9, 2010


Millais swatchHubby came downstairs this morning and found me sprawled on the couch knitting, drinking tea, and watching an episode of "Bones" off the DVR.

(I don't usually get into these crime shows and didn't watch Bones the first time around, but recently it's grabbed my attention.)

"Shouldn't you be doing something productive?" Hubby asked.

"I'm working!" I declared and waved my swatch at him.

He narrowed his eyes as he tried to determine whether or not I was bluffing.

I started to laugh because I realized that he would be confused since my lounging around activity did look the same as my freelance work. Either way I'm playing with yarn. I'm a lucky girl.

Of course me laughing convinced him I was goofing off.

"No," I protested. "Really, this is a swatch of some KFI yarn."

"That's awfully big for a swatch," he said, suspiciously. It's about 14 inches wide by 6inches deep.

His knowledge of swatch sizes surprised me and made me wonder if I'd educated him too well. How is a girl supposed to get away with mysterious yarn stuff if it isn't mysterious to the person she's trying to bluff?

I explained about making the blanket using all the single balls of yarn, which got me off the hook.

Still, he wandered away muttering something about not being able to help me stay on task if all I ever do is knit.

He's so cute.


  1. First rule--never tell them all your secrets!

    Nice swatch, btw.

  2. I honestly don't know which is better - your hubby knowing the size a swatch should be, or mine who has no idea what a swatch is!!! :D Lovely yarn Ann!