Monday, August 30, 2010

Post In Which I Make You Hate Me

Even though it’s partially a lie.

This post comes to you from the comfort of my front porch with my doggies at my feet.

The front porch is one of the places that pass as my office now. The other places are any room in the apartment.

Now do you see why you hate me? Not yet? Well, it get’s worse.

Samson is loose as I trust him to stay next to me and that I’ll be able to catch him quickly if something interesting goes by. Baru is tethered because I don’t trust him as much. He probably won’t go anywhere since he’s currently cowering under the table, but you never know. I did consider tethering them to each other—i.e., wrap the cord around a post and clip each end to a dog, but that didn’t seem necessary.

The lie comes in because the laptop isn’t connecting to the WiFi network. I’m actually writing this in Word and I’ll copy/paste it into the blog once I’m back inside.

My iTouch found the WiFi network. I don’t know enough technology to understand why the laptop isn’t connecting.

Commute Free, Knitting Rich
Things are starting to settle down here although there are still boxes to unpack (most notably my YARN!) and curtains to be hung.

Hubby was in meetings the end of last week and the beginning of this week. Students will start filtering in the end of this week.

This all means that while we don’t have a routine yet we’re staring to get a feel for the schedule. We’ve been forced to wake up at a decent hour, get dressed, and leave the house like normal humans, or at least adults.

I’m still getting my feet under me. However one thing I’ve nailed down is that since I no longer have a car commute that time can be dedicated to knitting or crocheting. My commute to work used to take anywhere from 45 minutes up. Seems to me that means I get to play with yarn for an hour in the morning and afternoon. What a relaxing way to start to the day.

As I explained to Hubby when this brilliant idea occurred to me I can work on KFI stuff in the morning so I can blog about it during the day and my personal projects in the evening so I can blog about it at night. This will balance my knitting/crochet time and might actually allow me to finish some projects. It is going to be so awesome.

There you have it. I’m working from home with no commute and lots of new time to play with yarn. It’s ok if you hate me. Jealousy will do that to a person. Heck, if I were you I’d hate me too.


  1. I'm horribly jealous but happy for you. Sounds perfect!

  2. yes, i now hate you. that's not what i pictured when you described where you're living. looks adorable. and nice adaptation of your schedule.

    still hate you. :)

  3. Well, I'm kinda jealous that your house is so gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you create with your new non commuting knitting time ;-)