Friday, March 4, 2011

KFI: Crochet Mesh Scarf

Crochet mesh scarf I actually made this scarf back in January, but since I wasn't blogging at that time it's all brand new now!

According to my Ravelry notes it took me about two days to crochet. I find that very surprising because scarves should take longer than that, but I suppose it makes sense when you keep in mind I used a big hook and an open stitch.

I suppose if you tack on the swatching time it was a bit longer than two days.

Let's get right to business, shall we?

Crochet Mesh Scarf

Materials: Euro Yarns Thick 'n' Quick Merino (100% merino, 176 yards)
Hook: 10 mm (N/P) (or size necessary to obtain gauge)
Gauge: 5 sc and five ch-4 spaces equals 6"
Size: 6" wide by 75" long

Note: US crochet terms used throughout.Mesh Scarf open

Abbreviations: ch=chain. sc=single crochet

Chain 22

Single crochet in second chain from hook and in each chain across (20 sc)

Set up row: Turn, *Chain 4, skip next 4 sc, Sc in next (5th) sc, rep from * across, ending with sc in last sc (5 sc and 5 ch-4 loops)

Pattern stitch: Turn, *ch 4, sc in ch-4 loop, rep from * across (5 sc and 5 ch-4 loops)

Repeat pattern stitch row until almost out of yarn.

Last row: Sc in each chain and sc across. (20 sc)
Fasten off last st and weave in ends.

Background Blather
I know you are just burning to know how I came up with this pattern. I shall keep you in suspense no longer.

Thick 'n' Quick Merino is a textured yarn. It is a loosely spun thick and thin merino base wrapped with a tightly spun merino binder. This makes it all soft all the time. It is also a chunky yarn with a suggested knit gauge of 2.5 to 3 sts per inch.

When I first saw it I felt it wanted to be a big loopy scarf that would show off its texture.
TQ mesh
I started with knitting. I worked a swatch of diagonal openstitch (May 8 in Perpetual Calendar) on US 15 needles. The knit swatch is in the left in this picture.

I kept messing up the first two rows, or my stitch count was off, or something that I don't quite remember aside from the fact that it was a rough start.

Once I got it going I worked one pattern repeat and decided I didn't like it. The false start biased me against it, of course, but the stitch in general took more concentration than I wanted to give. Also, it wasn't as open as I had envisioned.

Then I fished out the N crochet hook and worked what is essentially the market bag stitch. First I worked it with ch-5 loops, but deciding that was too open I switched to ch-4 loops. The crochet swatch is on the right, with the bottom half in the ch-5 version.

I guess it was a little Goldilocks and the Three Bears, because that final incarnation was just right.

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the scarf ended up. It is long enough to wrap once and still hang down to my waist. It is also long enough to do that thing where you fold it in half and tuck the tails through the loop.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the final result and hope you enjoy it, too.


  1. 75 inches!!!! Now that's what I call a scarf!!! Those colors are great...and it looks good even on the tree...

  2. Scarf is great! I love the look of the yarn. !

  3. I have some yarn in mind I believe would work great with the pattern!! I look forward to it!!

  4. Very cool scarf, love the open stitch pattern for showing off the yarn- I'm also a spinner so I love that you kept the yarn open and not in a tight stitch. 2 days for corcheting a scarf isn't that long at all, if you're a fast crocheter you could probably get it done in a day. Thank you so much for sharing the patter, can't wait to give it a go.

  5. So, either there's something about this pattern that I'm not understanding or there's a problem with the pattern. I keep taking it out and redoing it. And every time I go to repeat the pattern row my work gets narrower and narrower.