Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Temptation Is Everywhere

Sirdar Crofter DK This knit and crochet hiatus is really starting to wear on me. As I'm sure you can imagine.

Even the slightest hint that my elbow might be feeling better makes me want to grab one of my WIPs and go to town. But I know I must stay strong. Still, I don't know if I can last the week.

What am I going to do Friday at the library knitting group?

I was hoping I'd feel better by then but now I'm not so sure. I'll have to find something else to do with my hands so I don't yank projects away from other people and start working on them. I don't think that would go over very well.

Staying strong is especially hard when we sit down to watch TV. It's so automatic for me to pick something up and start stitching that I have to remind myself not to get up and get a project.

It's a really good thing I tucked everything away at the beginning of the week.

Or Did I?
That picture at the top of the post is of a stripe of Sirdar Crofter DK in a Green Striped version of my Schleppy Sweater pattern. It's a blend of 60% Acrylic, 25% Cotton, 15% Wool so it has a nice tweedy feel and the faux Fair Isle patterning is just adorable.

I bring it up because I was staring longingly at the in-progress sweater today. Turns out it wasn't tucked away so well. It's in a clear plastic project bag on the bookshelves in the living room—right next to where I've been sitting on the couch.

It would have been so easy to reach over...take it down...and start knitting the easy.

Spring Yarn
Another temptation is that with the changing of the season comes the changing of the yarn.

This is the time of year that yarn stores start changing out the bulky wools for cottons, silks, and other lighter blends. When I was working at Knitting Central and then Westport Yarns this was the time of year that any yarn diet would get blown. Over the months I'd build an immunity to the yarns we had in the store, but once the new stuff started rolling in I'd usually snap and have to buy something.

I suffered a virtual version of that today. I noticed a critical mass of yarn entries labeled "new" on the Knitting Fever Inc. website, so I tore through and made sure they are all entered into Ravelry.

As I looked through online colors and read the content I kept saying to myself, "Oh, I'd love to get my hands on that," or "Man, I hope they send me a sample of that."

Top temptations included
Lanthe by Louisa Harding. A 50/50 merino cotton blend that works up at 5.5 sts to the inch and comes in 16 awesome colors. I do love me some DK cotton/wool yarn.

Sublime Baby Cash Merino Silk 4ply is a fingering weight yarn in 11 pastel colors. It is a blend of 75% Extrafine Merino, 20% Silk, 5% Cashmere. Doesn't that sound delicious?

Sweet Pea is a 100% organic cotton yarn from Queensland Collection. It is a bulky weight that comes in 10 colors and has an interesting ripply texture in the pictures. And, hello!, Sweet Pea is the birth month flower for April so I should totally have some of that yarn.

Oh, and don't get me started on the four new Noro yarns. I am a total Noro addict after using so
ASJ done back much of it in my Adult Surprise Jacket, my Coquille Shawl, and my Kureyon Hat.

Really, I could go on and on as I daydream about one day going to the mail room and finding a massive box full of yarn waiting for me. Yes, getting it down the hill would be a good problem to have.

Only my daydreams came to an abrupt end as I remembered that I can't knit or crochet at the moment, so if they do send me samples to post about I hope it's not for another week or two!

Still, injury aside, I have the best job.


  1. Such temptation! I don't know how you are managing to stay so strong.

  2. Poor Girl! How much longer?? Bring yarn catalogs to knit night. Those who can't knit... plan!

    oh - and - haven't seen my puppies lately.. :D