Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear MLB

We are sitting here in NH staring at a blank TV screen rather than watching the Yankees and Mets inter league game because Fox has some kind of superpowers to control which games are available to us despite our MLB Extra Innings package from DirecTV.

As I'm sure you are aware, we're paying a pretty penny for the MLB Extra Innings package so we can watch the Yankees even though we had to move out of the NY area.

I don't know how the arrangement works, but I'm pretty sure MLB has to be benefiting from the subscription fees we're paying.

It seems to me that since we are basically paying you for the privilege of continuing to watch the Yankees we should be able to actually watch the Yankees.

I understand the goal is to force us to watch the local game on the Fox broadcast. And this makes sense when the Yankees are playing the Red Sox. In those cases we suffer through the Red Sox broadcast. But tonight the Yankees are playing the Mets.

There is nothing that is going to make us watch a random Red Sox game.

Maybe you and Fox are concerned about loosing our eyes because we're watching the out of market game. But you have to realize you've lost our eyes entirely because now we're going to watch something off our DVR since we can't see the baseball game we want to see.

What makes even less sense is that Fox was also broadcasting the Yankees/Mets game. They could at least have had our eyes on that.

The entire point of buying the MLB Extra Innings Package was so we could watch the Yankees even though we're no longer in the Yankees "market."

Please stop defeating the purpose of this subscription and allow us to watch the out-of-market games we want to watch rather than forcing us to watch no game at all.

Thank you.

PS--Also, the 500 character limit on the feedback form on your website is annoying.

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