Monday, May 23, 2011

Sourdough Update

The mystery of the missing starter has been solved!

On our walk this morning Judy reported that with all the young ones home for various college graduations the starter was found on the porch, brought inside, and left on the counter.

If you know sourdough you know where this is going.

As I typed yesterday, it's a vigorous starter.

Left on the counter it outgrew the little container I'd put it in and made a run for it.


I guess that means it did get up and walk away....

The horrified young ones cleaned it up and threw it away.

We are not crying over the lost starter. Technically that was a cup of starter I was supposed to discard anyway. And there is more where that came from! She said this also gives her time to acquire a crock that would be an appropriate starter home.

In other bread news, I sat down with the nutritional labels from the flour and the store bought bread and did a lot of math to figure out where my bread stands.

It's not perfect calculations, but it reinforces my feelings that my bread (eaten in modest slices) isn't all bad. Sure it's a little higher in carb and a little lower in protein than the store stuff, but not as bad as one might have expected.

What did surprise me is that the Ancient Grains Blend didn't up the nutritional profile as much as I was expecting. In fact the traditional Whole Wheat has a higher fiber content. If I make my next loaf with whole wheat it will be even healthier.

Still, the Ancient Grains does have a nice flavor to it.

In other, other bread news, I have sent an e-mail to the KAF Bakers Help people to find out if I can use a cup of my sourdough starter in place of the starter in the Scali Bread recipe. That was late yesterday so I haven't heard back yet, but personally I don't see why not. Think of the time that will be saved if I can! Especially if I can use unfed sourdough.

Knitting content will return soon, I promise. :-)

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