Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fully Cooperative

I am pleased to announce the Uncooperative Green Striped Schleppy Sweater is done!

Aside from weaving in ends, that is. Despite having knit in many ends as I went.

It always comes down to weaving in ends.

I used a sewn bind off on the collar. Of course as soon as that was done I had to try it on to ensure it fits.

Wouldn't that have sucked to to all that work and have it not fit?

I guess that is the benefit of a custom pattern, even if it was originally written for entirely different yarn.

Speaking of that, the sleeves are just a wee bit short in the cuff. I mean, a little, bitty, wee bit short that you'd probably never notice if you weren't wearing it.

Which you won't be, since it is mine.

I know just how that happened.

After I washed the original Schleppy Sweater for the first time it grew at least an inch longer. The second Schleppy Sweater I intended to make was also going to be out of Zara yarn, so I revised the pattern to account for the growth. Then I used that revised pattern for the Uncooperative sweater.

I can only hope that one of the yarns involved in this new sweater also decided to grow just a wee bit and then my problem will be solved.

Pattern Stats
Pattern: Schleppy Sweater by Traveling Ann Designs, i.e, my own personal pattern.
Needles: US 7
Yarn: from across a spectrum of companies. I'd have to check my Ravelry project page for the list. I can tell you I used almost all of each ball with little to no leftovers from each. Good thing I'm petite!

What I learned?

Um, stripes look nice, but I don't like working them. I'd rather have someone else figure out the color sequence and repeats and I don't like weaving in all the ends. Probably won't stop me from making more striped sweaters in the future.

Creating a sweater from single balls of yarn with no access to additional balls is just crazy and adds a new level of stress as you worry about running out. Much safer to ensure you have way more yardage than you'll need before casting on.

Also, make the stripes narrower so the various yarns spread further. Although I think the yoke ended up quite nice and is kind of attractive with the repetition of just the three yarns in contrast to the body.

Ok, I have to go weave in ends now. sigh.


  1. WOW!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Great sweater...nice shoulder work!!

  3. The sweater looks awesome! You fought the sweater and won. Btw, my friend Elizabeth asked if you knit the sweater for your husband with the yarn you got at Rhinebeck last year.