Friday, December 25, 2015

Hanging Row Counter

Not the most exciting post title, but it is terribly accurate. 
I guess I would have to say hanging row counters are my favorite. However, I must be in a minority because they aren't easy to find anymore. 
I have some barrel counters I converted with a piece of yarn and a bead. 
Like so
The problem is the yarn wears out. It can also get caught in the knitting. 
It occurred to me I could use wire instead!
So I fished out the wire I bought during my brief fascination with making stitch markers a few years ago. 
A little fumbling around and VoilĂ !
A more secure hanging row counter is mine!
I didn't even have to wrap the lower part of the wire. After feeding it through the bead I just jammed the wire up inside the row counter.  
For the next one I convert I'll have to consider putting a bead at the top, too. As it is, the wire ring slips out. However, that could be good if I want to put the row counter on the needle, which I rarely do. 
And here it is in action. 
Yep, feeling mighty pleased with myself. 

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