Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Garden Anticipation

When I was at the store yesterday I decided to take a turn through the garden department to see if anything was out yet 

Boy, howdy, was it well stocked! So many exciting options. It was a good thing I didn't have a shopping cart or I would have bought all kinds of goodies. 
I saw this cedar raised bed kit that made me rethink the cinder block idea. However, when I got home and showed the picture to hubby he pointed out it was less than 4" long. That is shorter than I want, so that's out. 
There was a wealth of seed starting options. It was good to see what my choices would be. 
I think I like the self-watering ones best. The 75 cell units are very appealing. It is unclear whether any of them are reusable. 

I exercised self-control and didn't buy any. It was easier to resist knowing I won't be starting seeds until next month. Good thing I found that spiffy calendar from the local extension service!

When I got home I checked my notes, and the special calendar, and realized I would be starting only 14 plants inside. The others will be sowed outside. That means I can get a smaller, but fancier seed starting set. 
And, of course, there were seed packets galore! Enough to make your head spin. 

Again, I didn't buy any because I didn't have my notes with me. I still have some seeds from last year that are still viable I'll have to check them before I stick up. 

I will probably start stocking up next week. 

Another thing I did was check the Burpee website for prices and options. I'll probably end up ordering my asparagus and strawberries from there. They are having a sale, and free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter. They are also included packets of flowers that appeal to bees in orders placed by sometime in May. 

Since they don't mail the live plants until the proper time for your zone, I can place my order now, take advantage of the special offers, and get a "surprise" in March!

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