Friday, January 1, 2016

More Garden Stuff

It has been brought to my attention that my main topic of conversation lately has been about my future garden.

This wasn't said in so many words, but events revealed it to be true.

Recently, I went to the pantry cupboard and found this onion.

I said, in what I thought was a proper tone of disgust, "One of my onions sprouted!"

Hubby, however, thought I was reporting an exciting event and asked why I'm growing onions inside the house.

In his defense, I was working on smuggling my Earth Box into the house last week to try to grow tomatoes. My plan stalled in the garage because it was too heavy for me to lift up the steps. It has since been wheeled back out to the shed.

After all, the seeds I planted in wee pots in my office haven't even sprouted yet!

In the mean time, planning continues.

While we were unpacking I found this old, unused notebook. The markings indicate it was made in France.

Why we have a French notebook is beyond me, but I'm not going to complain. It seems to be custom printed for Square Foot Garden planning!

It is printed with graph paper instead of just ruled lines. Much easier to draw garden plans.

I have transferred my notes over from the first notebook I was using, but have also realized it's time to reel myself in.

It is way to early to be thinking about my garden this much. In my growing zone, I won't even be starting seeds until March! All this planning and daydreaming is beginning to make me annoyed I can't start my garden right now.

This all means it's time to return the library books and revisit them in February.

I've also realized I'm going to have to scale back the planting plans for this year. There won't be much spring planting happening this first season. We didn't prep the garden plot when we first moved in, which means now we have to wait until the ground has thawed in the spring.

Oh well, at least I'm formulating these thoughts now. It will save me flailing around too much in the spring, when time will be of the essence.

Until then I'll knit, and plot where in the house I can start my seeds when the time comes!

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