Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Duplicate Vision

The duplicate stitch on my Felted Ravelry ID bag is moving along quite nicely. I'm around the bottom of the ball and have the swooshy thing on the bottom and one swooshy thing on the side done. No pictures because I haven't taken any yet. I just have to close the loop and finish the slashes that go through the middle. I'm thinking the lettering will go quicker because it's a little more linear and straight forward. The stitches should follow logically with less counting since they will be forming letters. Or at least that is what I hope. The "ravelry" will be easy since it will be positioned in relation to the ball, my Ravelry ID could be a little trickery, especially considering I haven't officially charted it yet.
After the duplicate stitching is done, the next question will be what color to make the bottom. I had figured I would just work in green for the bottom as well, but now I'm not sure I won't run out. The bits I did already used almost a whole ball, and that's with the logo taking up territory. Anyway, I'm considering doing the bottom in black, since I should have left overs. The bottom is just going to get dirty anyway so maybe the black won't show as much.
And I have to decide how many rows to work the bottom. I was thinking 15 but I might to 30 to match the color blocks. I'll have to measure again.
I wonder if I'll get the duplicate stitch done before I have to leave for Philly Saturday...probably not. I'll probably be stitching on the train.
My other projects are a bit in limbo.
I had some blue Jitterbug left over from a pair of socks I made. Even after weighing it, I wasn't sure how far it would get me. So I started a pair of toe up socks. Taught myself Judy's Magic Cast On in the process, that is a cool cast on and I'm glad I learned it. Anyway, I was thinking they would be peds, but now I think I'll be lucky if I make it over the heel. I've been at the point of working a short row heel for at least a week, but haven't had any quiet time. And not much motivation since I won't have anything to show for it. I'm willing to do the leg in another color and/or yarn, but we haven't had Jitterbug at Knitting Central for a while and I haven't worked up my Sol Joy or Madelintosh yet. (Which is a good argument to get those out.)
At the same time I realize that I have to work up the other sizes of the Cat's Pajamas Socks which the pattern is fresh and I have momentum. So I cast on for what I think the large size should be. I'm just going to make an anklet so I can have someone try the foot on for me to make sure it works.
Still, I want some mindless knitting for when I'm proofreading or watching a TV show I actually want to see. Which is another reason to get out the Sol Joy (the Madelintosh hasn't been rolled). I was swatching with my ball of Bearfoot the other day, but I have another patterned sock in mind for that.
I actually got a good amount of the duplicate stitching done Sunday night. Hubby and I watched American Gangster. He put on the unrated, extended version without realizing it was 3 hours long! It was a good movie, but good grief, it was a school night. It didn't end until 11 pm. But it was more of a talky movie than an action movie so I didn't have to pay close attention to the screen. Unlike Stardust, which we watched Saturday, which was a very visual, swashbuckling kind of romp.
Anyway. Lunch time is over, so I should get back to work.

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