Sunday, April 6, 2008

Philly: Day 2

The lunch break is running from 11 to 2:45, which is pretty darn nice. And also means no demand for the email stations again. hehehe.
I hit Reading Terminal Market again, this time I got a salmon and goat cheese frittata with a little field green salad--and a chocolate cupcake. Chocolate frosting this time.
The mint one last night was very yummy, obviously since I went back. The cake was just the right consistency and the icing was very subtly mint flavored. I'd been concerned it would be cloying. I'm going to have to make time to go back tomorrow and get some to take home to Hubby. I think I can manage not to squish them, or at least I hope so.
I hit two sessions in the morning, which were informative, but I still managed to get the heel flap on the CPS knit. I was lounging in my room, but didn't trust the numbers I had for turning the heel so I came questing for the computers to check the "Heels by the numbers" website, which is really very handy to know about. Anyway, my numbers were indeed funky, well they might have worked but not for the heel I really prefer.
Since I was over here anyway, and housekeeping hadn't been to my room yet, I did a quick sweep of the show floor and then hit the press room to refill my water bottle. Usually I quest for free bottles of water, but I'm not seeing any--making refilling the one I bought this morning the way to go.
Mom called this morning and we decided on the Hard Rock Cafe across the street for dinner. I hope I don't have to make reservations. Well, there is a convention in town, but it looks like there are plenty of social events that should keep the crowds occupied.
Did I mention I'm on the 20th floor of the hotel? It's freaky high. I can't see Ben Franklin from my room, but I can from the windows right when you get off the elevators. You can see the asparagus buildings too.
And the convention center has this freaky big room with marble floors and some weird sculpture handing from the ceiling that you have to walk through on the way from the hotel to the session area. I took a picture of it, but with out a fish eye lens I don't think you get the impact. I could see a wedding reception being held there. It makes me wish I had clicky shoes on so I could make lots and lots of noise when I walk through.
Speaking of shoes, in a moment of insanity I brought my little blue flats that aren't good for walking. When I was back in my room for lunch I switched to my brown Timberlands, not perfect with stockings, but better. Even though it looks funky.
Ok, it's almost 12:45, hopefully housekeeping has been by. I want to flop. If I'm quick I might be able to get the heel turned and the gussets picked up before I have to come back. I didn't plan the stealth knitting very well this trip.
By the way, can someone tell my stupid head that a convention is not the time or place for a headache? I'm actually holding up rather well. I popped two Exedrine... at 5:30 when I woke up, but I'm finding the dark spots to sit in the rooms. Which is another reason I want to relax a bit.
Right, off to make use of my hotel room!

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