Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Jitterbug!

The problem with working part time in a yarn store is all the easy access to yarn. Especially on pay day. A girl can't be strong all the time. Remember how I was whining that I had left over blue Jitterbug and it wasn't going to be enough for peds?
Well, when I walked into Knitting Central today, what should I behold? A new batch of Jitterbug. So I snatched up this lovely purple one. It's a bit more berry than in the picture. I took it at night with the flash, so it's a little off. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the blue I already have, which will make for some wild socks. Won't really be able to tell until I work it up. There is a little blue in it and there is a little purple in the other, so they might be more harmonious. Now I have to decide if I should pull out what I've knit with the blue and try to cut them in a little with one color for the toe, one for the foot, etc. Really, I'll have to knit up the purple socks before I move on the the hybrids. Oh, what a chore. snicker.
There were some other colors, but they were kind of boy colors and there isn't enough yarn left over from Hubby socks for what I want, so I went with purple. I don't have purple socks, so it was a safe color.
I finished duplicate stitching my Ravelry ID on my bag. It took a few tries. First I messed up the "a" the other day, then I messed up the "g" as you can see to the right. Trust me, it's wonky on the left side. I thought I'd have to pull the entire left side out, tail and all, but I was able to just pull the top out and alter it. The "m", happily, came off without a hitch. Of course I didn't take a picture of the current state. That would be sensible. I have started adding the white accents to the ball. At first I wasn't going to, but there isn't much and I think it will really enhance it in the end.
I've been invited to a knit night on Tuesday. It should be fun, but I just don't know what project to take. They all have deadlines of some sort. I could take the alternate size of the Cat's Pajamas Socks, but that might take too much concentration. Cynthia left me the scarf based on the Cat's Pajamas Socks, but again, concentration required. I might end up taking the Ravelry Bag, just because it should be straight stockinette stitch by then. Ignoring the plans I have for attaching the sides in a funky way. Well, I have a few days to decided.
In the mean time, it's now midnight(!) and I'm up waaaay past my bedtime.

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