Friday, February 12, 2010

All Riled Up

Stella sleeve close The winter Olympics, and therefore the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics start tonight!

I will not be participating in the first two, except vicariously.

As I understand it, The Knitting Olympics are for projects cast on and finished between the opening and closing ceremonies.

I'm all about finishing a work in progress, so I'm sticking with the Ravelympics, which have far more event categories.

My plan is to finish my Stella Blouse aka Girly Top.

All I have to do is knit the front and seam it together.

I believe I've even already cast on and worked a few rows, at last count, so I'm over the hard part.

I know I can finish a pair of socks, even a pair of Hubby Socks, in two weeks if they are my only project. So I'm wondering how a sweater front compares to a pair of socks. It's a thicker gauge, so that has to help.

Anyway, I'm going to be confident in my ability to complete this challenge. And if it's not quite done on Feb 28, at least I'll be well on my way.

Tartan Sock Update
As promised, I counted stitches at many points on the first sock last night.

I counted on the toe just after the side seams and before the shaping. I got 60 sts.


I counted across the instep and got 28. Which didn't make sense because I know the pattern is 30 sts wide. So I was looking at a 56 st sock. Where did the toe morph back into 60?

Oh, right, four stitches were eaten on each side for the seams.


I counted the heel flap again and it's still 28 stitches wide.

I looked closely and think I found the second decrease.

It appears that I probably accidentally decreased those two stitches away since they are both on the same half of the heel flap. That is, if I'd planned them I would have deleted one from each half when I joined the flap together so things would have been balanced.

So it looks like I'll decrease two stitches from the second heel flap just to make them match.

As it is, I've continued on the instep and think I'll probably go ahead and finish the pattern repeat, weave in the ends, then double back to the heel flap like I did on the first one.

Of course, this is all out the door at 9 p.m. tonight when the Olympics start!

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