Monday, February 15, 2010

Things That Smell Good

Vflowers2 And I'm not talking about wet dog!

The flowers I got for Valentine's Day. Sneaky thing had them sent to the yarn store when I was working Sunday.

Because getting flowers is good. Getting them where other people can be jealous is better. hehehe.

The lilies are very fragrant and heady. I've been carrying the bouquet around the house with me.

Mainly had it parked on the coffee table next to me, but also brought it up to the bedroom last night so I could see it first thing this morning. Now they are on the mantel in the living room so the pups can't get them.

Vanilla Vanilla. mmmmm.

The one on the right I bought in Mexico for like $5 back in 1997 or 98.

Hubby and I have been watching the end approach with dread. We've joked that we won't know what to do when it runs out, it's been so long since we had to buy vanilla.

The one on the left I bought on Sunday at Penzeys Spices. We won't discuss how much it cost, but it wasn't $5. Neat store, though.

The bottle doesn't pour well, for trying to fill a little half teaspoon measure. I had to use one of Hubby's wine pouring spouts to control it.

Boston Cream pie Boston Cream Pie.

From scratch.

Yes, the baking spree continues. Oh, and I made another loaf of that sandwich bread, but I did use the dry milk this time. I let you know more tomorrow.

Between Valentine's Day and Hubby's Birthday both being in February, it was a good excuse to make an elaborate cake.

I used the recipe in the Fannie Farmer Cook book. But I did the creamy chocolate frosting, not the eclair frosting.

I gave Hubby the whisk from the frosting to lick.

"Why did you warm up the frosting," he asked.

I made the frosting.

"No one has every made me frosting from scratch before."

I guess no one has ever loved you this much before.

We must not miss an opportunity to drive these points home.

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  1. That Boston Cream Pie looks divine.