Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girly Top: Two More Rows

That's it!

I just have to work two more rows on the collar, bind off, and I'm done!

Well, except for crocheting around the neck opening to stabilize it...

and attaching two buttons...

and weaving in the rest of the ends from the body seams.

But, aside from that stuff, I'm basically done.

Yes, I know it seems silly to have stopped knitting when I was so close. And believe me, I considered powering through and staying up past my bedtime if necessary to finish.

But I'd spent time online yesterday harassing other knitters about remembering to rest when they felt pain, so I decided to follow my own advice.

This combination of the cotton yarn on the Addi Turbos in a pattern just kills my hands.

I was fine for the plain stockinette stitch portions, but the way I use my fingers to manipulate the stitches while working the smocking and ribbing apparently causes stress.

Last night I kept having to stop after working two or three rows, stretch my hands, shake them, maybe wander around the house for a bit.

I could tell it wasn't wise to keep pushing myself.

I have to imagine I'll be able to get through these two rows and the bind off tonight without a problem, though.

Then I have to decide on buttons. I just need two.

I was looking through my meager button collection back when I started the sweater and I might have some that will work.

On the other hand, we used to have little rhinestone ones at the store. They could be cute if they aren't too flashy.

The button decision could delay the true finish until this weekend.

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