Monday, September 27, 2010

New Pattern: Simple Socks

OnLine socks Simple is good.

Simple is soothing.

Simple is what you want after a long day when you really want to knit but you don't want to think.

Simple is where socks often land on my personal knitting spectrum. A project I can just pick up and work on without having to worry about counting stitches or following a pattern.

Don't get me wrong, one of the aspects I like about knitting and crocheting is that they both present opportunities to learn, grow, and challenge myself.

Cables, anyone? Lace, perhaps? There are plenty of opportunities in my selected fiber crafts to give my brain a work out.

Happily, there are also opportunities to also enter a peaceful, meditative zone.

All Things To All Knitters
Socks can satisfy both requirements.

Small, portable, and quick to finish many people see socks as a good canvas for testing out new stitch patterns or techniques.

Attracted to a complicate cable that you want to learn but don't want to work a dead end swatch? Put it on a sock!

Need to practice your colorwork technique before plunging into an entire Fair Isle sweater? Work the motif on a sock!

But Not These Socks
This sock pattern doesn't have such lofty aspirations.

This sock pattern produces a simple stockinette sock to fall back on for when your complicated projects are being mean.

This sock pattern is pattern I use when I have fun self-striping or self-patterning yarn. You usually don't want to work a complicated stitch pattern with busy yarn like that because it will get lost in the colors.

You can coast along will a Simple Sock pattern because the yarn does all the work for you.

However, it's not entirely mindless. The heel flap features a garter stitch edge paired with the heel stitch. This gives a nice detail along the edge of the heel with a cushy center.

With this heel flap you will not slip the first stitch of the row. When you are ready to pick up along the flap edge you will pick up the stitch between the garter rows. This makes it a little easier to see which stitch you are supposed to pick up compared to a flap with a slipped edge.

To me this pattern is so automatic that it never occurred to me to publish it until people started asking me for it.

Then I realized everyone needs a Simple Sock to fall back on. Now you can fall back on it, too. All for the amazingly low price of $2! Click the button, you know you want to.

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To get the stripes to match I reeled out about 7 grams of yarn before starting the second sock in order to find the same point in the pattern. Since I have small feet I didn't miss the yarn I cut out.

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  1. Ah... the simple plain jane sock. Where would we be without it??? :D