Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Storage Update: It Fit! (Mostly)

Yarn pileDon't you just want to dive in?

Well, don't. It's not deep enough. Much better for wading and wallowing.


Of course if you combined all the yarn together you might be able to doggy paddle.

Samples On The Side
This pile of yarn was the wild card in fitting stuff into the credenza. I had been keeping it in the box it all came it, which was pretty big, so I didn't have a feel for how much room it really needed.
Yarn packed
I was pleasantly surprised to find that it all fit into one side cabinet.

As you can see it isn't very organized at the moment. I was able to bag a few by brand, but the rest I just piled in there neatly.

This situation shouldn't last long. We had to buy new curtains for the dining room and I've got my eye on the clear plastic zippered bags they come in.

And can I just ask why is it every time you move you have to buy new curtains? Why can't windows be a standard size? It's just not right. Not right at all.

Credenza packedFront And Center
I think my credenza must have TARDIS technology. Not only did that pile of yarn fit easily in the side cabinet, but the gobs of yarn in my last post fit nicely into the big center cabinet.

Unless it's just an indication of how poorly I was using the space before.

I had started the process by putting my sock yarn and such in the side cabinet as it was when we were in CT.

Then I started putting the sweater yarn in the center cabinet. The Rainbow Schleppy, the green cabled one I was swatching recently, Rowan Calmer for a shrug, the green yarn for the sweater Hubby rejected that my brother claimed, the Celtic Critter Cardigan, and on and on. I have enough yarn for at least six sweaters.

There was still space. I realized I could move the sock yarn oven. Then I was home free.

I must admit I'm a little surprised it all fit. It seemed like such a large quantity when it was all spread out. I'm not sure if having it all contained is good or bad. I mean, if it all fit in the credenza that must mean I don't own an excessive amount and can buy more, right? Although there is still enough that it was a pain to move, which means I probably do have enough.

Now, I did have to put some cone yarn into the China Cabinet cabinet. Also, some small active projects are in one of the drawers. And there is still a bunch of miscellaneous balls in a plastic tub floating around the dining room. I think I'm going to have to shift that out to the barn with the other tub of acrylic. But all the luxury yarn I'll be using soon is in the credenza.

I think it helped that I'm not storing books in the credenza this time around.

I wasn't able to put any yarn in the pantry, but the shelf between the cabinets is fairly useless because it's shallow and closed in. It is, however, a good size for back issues of crochet and knitting magazines and books. hehehe.

I haven't tried to put my Rowan Magazines on it yet. I think they'll be too tall and will have to lay down. They are the other thing filling up the last plastic tub.

So many patterns, so little time.


  1. I agree. If it all fit easily, you clearly don't have enough!!

  2. i've used the same drapes two places in a row now. full length purple velvet drapes, as if you were surprised. i just had to add a new set for the house since it had a bay window.