Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Storage Issues

Or the potential for it.
The problem is that all of that yarn on the left including most of the stuff on the table and the two boxes in the living room you can't see all has to fit in that dining room credenza on the right.

Now, granted, a great deal of this yarn came out of the dining room credenza in the first place. And at the time it wasn't the best well organized storage system because it was my "active" yarn so I was pawing through it on a regular basis. But it still seems like a pretty tall order.

(If you look at the credenza picture, over there on the left at the bottom of the front can see Samson's butt. snicker)

I also kept a number of books in the credenza when we lived in Connecticut and storage wasn't an issue. I've transferred the books to the little shelf in the pantry along with my magazine library that I used to keep in the attic.

Pantry Out
Did I mention that Hubby scoffed when I told him my idea of storing yarn in the pantry? It wasn't that he didn't want yarn stored there. He just didn't think there would be room.

Turns out he's pretty much correct. We've filled it with linens and paper products and cleaning supplies and I don't remember what else.

I think there might be one cabinet on the bottom that is still available. I should stuff yarn into it before I wind up filling it as well.

Cost Free Solution
Yes, yes, I can hear you now. "Space Bags" are great for storing yarn. Squishes it right down and it puffs back up when you need it.

I'd really like to squeeze all my yarn into the apartment without having to spend money to do it.
Besides that would mean every time you want to get some yarn you also have to haul out the vacuum to reseal the bag as well. What a pain.

(Oh, and mom, don't bother running out and buying me any as a gift. I'd really like to work on a more traditional solution first.)

Other Room Potential
Hubby had suggested that I might be able to store yarn in the book shelf in the living room. The top is open shelves but the bottom is a closed cabinet. This is important for keeping the dogs out of my yarn.

However, despite purging many VHS tapes, we still filled that little cabinet up. I'll have to take another look, but I don't think it has much space available.

The China cabinet has a closed cabinet I didn't think we used much, but then I found myself putting serving items in it that I remembered taking out of it, and that filled up too.

There are some built in drawers in the dining room that pass through to the kitchen. We haven't utilized the bottom one very much yet. I might have to claim it.

I'm also eying the bottom of my half of the closet. I'm thinking I could put a plastic storage tub in there and put my shoes on top. That would have to be the yarn that I know I'm not going to use for a while since it would be a pain to access.

Break Time
The boxes I packed my yarn in were very large. The ended up rather heavy because not only did I put books in the bottom but when you get that much yarn in one place the weight adds up. They were so heavy that every time Hubby went to move one he was like, "What the hell is in here?!"

Because of this I wound up ferrying everything in by the armload. It took me between 15 minutes and half an hour.

Told you I had a lot of yarn and books.

But I was sick and tired of not having ready access to my yarn and notions so I did what I had to.

This, of course, means I'm kind of tired now. I think it's time to have a glass of iced tea while I stare in disbelief at the pile of yarn I have to stow away.

Wish me luck.


  1. It wouldn't be cost free and maybe the space is already spoken for, but how about plastic bins under your bed? I know our underbed storage is full with books awaiting the construction of built-in bookshelves in our living room. But there is a remarkable amount of storage underneath beds.

  2. You'll figure out something, as smart as you are. I have faith in your knitting skills.

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  4. I say fill up those walls!! Get some plastic hanging contraptions, and one of those net-type things to sling up in the corner. You know, the kind that kids used for suffed animals?? You can fit a lot of yarn up there. Not that I have one, or anything...... ;)

    Hi cute puppy butt!!