Monday, February 28, 2011

My Elbow Hurts

It would appear that in my effort to have a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly I strained or sprained something.

Oddly, Hubby is suffering from a similar pain. Although we are pretty sure they are exercise induced injuries we haven't ruled out the possibility of alien abduction.

Anyway, it would further appear that this injury is being aggravated by my knitting.

I think the original injury actually happened a week or so ago. Of course I've been dealing with it in the classic and illogical method of ignoring it and hoping it will go away.

But I can ignore it no longer. I have come to my senses and acknowledged that if I want it to heal I'll have to rest it. A little rest now will prevent longer knitting downtime later. Hopefully. Shame I didn't have that attitude when it first happened.

I know that posts whining about ill healthy and injuries aren't the most fun to read. I've even seen survey results where people say they move on and might not come back to blogs that have them regularly. Unless that's the point of the blog, I suppose.

Anyway, this is knitting/crocheting related.

Mainly to say that I won't be doing any for a least a week, if I can stand it for that long, to allow this issue to resolve itself.

Also to remind us all to stop, rest, and stretch. Even if we aren't the Bionic Woman (or Million Dollar Man) it's important to remember that our bodies are marvels of technology that require proper care.

I find this hiatus a little ironic while I'm in the middle of attempting a blogging revival. Hard to blog about knitting and/or crocheting if you aren't actually doing any.

It will be an interesting challenge to see if I can milk the projects I completed during the blog blackout for at least a week while I heal.

Of course, if you've spent any time reading my blog, or flipped through past entries, I'm sure you are familiar with my ability to provide such excruciating detail about the most insignificant event that it turns into an epic post. Therefore neither of us is at all worried about my ability to post during this dry spell.

I have warned Hubby about my fiber hiatus. He expressed sympathy that my oowie has progressed to such a degree that such extreme measures have to be taken.

I don't, however, think he has realized my yarn hiatus could result in mood swings, fidgeting, anxiety, and other symptoms that will generally make everyone unhappy. On the other hand, he might just think I have PMS.

In order to support my effort not to knit for the week I have pushed all my current projects to the edges of the room so they are out of sight and hard to reach.

I think I'll feel it most in the evenings when I'm watching TV. I don't know how I'll sit there, still, for hours on end...I might actually have to fold laundry...or go to bed early.


  1. Fold laundry?!?!? This is serious! Get better soon!

  2. I used to be a therapeutic massage practitioner. Sounds like you might have a few trigger points that need to be released. It's amazing the immediate results. I suggest finding someone who practices therapeutic massage and getting some trigger point work done. Leaving it go is never a good idea. You'll start to feel better and then reaggrevate. Why suffer pain when you don't have to?

    Blessings, Debbie