Sunday, January 6, 2008

Furry little creeps

When we ran errands today, we boldly left some pancakes wrapped in cellophane on the counter.
If you look closely near the red spot (which is from raspberries) in the middle of the front pancake you
will see a puppy nose print.

Yeah, Samson is that tall when he stands up.

Apparently, we didn't puppy proof the kitchen properly when we went out. You would think we would know better by now, but we obviously don't. Guess we're slow learns. We had approached the errands with a divide and conquer attitude. When I got home Hubby asked if I had stuck my finger in the pancakes for some reason. Um, no. We stood there looking at them, then Hubby showed the pancakes too the dogs, who took off.

The rest of the day was better. I was very productive today, mostly. I woke up at like 4 am, but since it was the weekend, I gave in and Baru and I got up and went downstairs. I wrote up the pattern for the Top-Down Fingerless Mitts and did a gauge swatch with the Ambrosia. Oh my that yarn is lovely.
The swatch is all the knitting I managed today. The rest of the day was spent catching up on the laundry. And catching up on sleep. I went back to bed at 7 am and slept until 10!

Here is mom's finished Red Hat Lady Hat. I had intended for it to be worn like this.

But this way is starting to grow on me. Doesn't look quite so much like a mushroom.

Now I just have to do the felted rose. The pattern I'm using starts with "cast on 200 sts." Ack, what have I gotten myself into? But this is a perfect situation to use the two ended long-tail cast on. If it has a legitimate name, I don't know it. You hold both ends of the ball together, make slip knot and cast on normally, then cut one end and knit.

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