Saturday, January 5, 2008

A hat, just like that

A few months ago my mom asked me to make her at Red Hat Lady hat. She had something in mind and even found a little green one with a purple swirl in a store for a model. (If it had been red with a purple swirl I probably would have been off the hook.) She even came to the store and picked out yarn—Christmas Red Cascade 220, some heathery purple Cascade 220 and purple Antico (which is an eyelash).
But I was working on several other projects and didn’t get around to it. But after finishing the scarf I thought I should be good and work on the hat rather than another project for me, me, me.
Then on Thursday I was thinking about it, shaping and how I would do the increases, and I thought I could use the increases I worked out for the crocheted stuffed animals I used to design. Then it occurred to me, I could crochet the hat. I didn’t always have to knit everything. And crocheting would be faster as well.
That night I dug out my increasing crib sheets and got to work. And a few minutes ago I finished. Ha, I expected it to be faster, but not that fast!
I used a size H hook. I wasn’t sure where I was going to put the Antico. But as I worked I was concerned about running out of red, so I held the Antico with the purple Cascade and worked it as a hatband. I’m so clever. Red Hat Lady’s are supposed to be a mix of the two anyway. If she doesn’t like it, I might have enough red to pull it out and redo it.
The original plan for the purple Cascade, which I think I’ll still do, was to make a felted cabbage rose, which was going to be the purple aspect. I can’t see it taking very long, and it will be detachable, so she’ll have the option.
Originally she had asked for a felted hat, but then changed her mind. Still with the Cascade, we can felt it a wee bit if she wants. We can’t felt it a lot because then it will be too small.
Well, it’s 10 pm now, so it’s a bit dark to take a picture. I’ll try to get one tomorrow.
Hey, I’ve finished two things so far this year (yes, I’m counting the mitts even though they were half done already.)
Now if only I can conquer Nell.

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