Sunday, January 20, 2008

I lost control of the camera

ambrosia mitts
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I'm here! I'm here! I haven't forgotten you. But a few things have been conspiring against me.
First, Flickr didn't like me for a while. I couldn't upload things from the normal page and couldn't be bothered figuring out the email upload.
Then I lost control of the camera anyway. Husband is the advisor for the yearbook at school. He tends to use our camera to take pictures around campus, sports, events and such. I was running loose because he wasn't using it, but he's claimed it again.
Finally, this week I was down with a head cold. Missed two days of work which were spent on the couch, finishing the Ambrosia Top Down Mitts and watching the DVD extras for Bladerunner and Dr Who episodes.
I'm still feeling yucky, but Flickr seems to like husband's laptop. And the laptop has a built in camera. So it's all coming together, at least partially.
In the mean time, I'm back to my Stars and Stripes pullover in the lovely Calmer yarn. It is kind of strange to be doing plain stockinette stitch again, but it's probably all I can handle at the moment.

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