Monday, February 4, 2008

Sweater down! Sweater down!

Damaged mohair sweater
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I thought it would be a triumphant return to the blog. I thought I would crow about how I seized control of the camera, at least for a few pictures. Or how I've been successfully practicing project monogamy. Or how I've finished the back of the Stars & Stripes sweater and am well along on the front.
But, no, that was not meant to be. Instead I must tell you about the puppy inflicted injury to my poor mohair cowl sweater.
It's from the winter 2004 Interweave Knits. I made it in red Kid Silk Haze. It was rather easy and zipped along (well, picking up evenly around the armholes took me a couple tries).
I wore it to work Thursday and when I got home the puppies were bouncing around and one of them snagged one thread on the back and pulled it and SNAPPED it. (I think the culprit was Baru, but I can't prove it.)
Although I'm rather annoyed, the puppies are unharmed.
I tried to draw the slack back in, which was working, but the ends are different lengths so I had to stop. I think my best bet will be tying a little knot, then working the pull back in and relying on the mohair halo to disguise it.
But I just can't face it yet.

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