Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snow Day!

Friday was a snow day. Hubby's school pulled the trigger Thursday night. We were laughing about it because the snow hadn't started by bed time. Mother Nature had the last laugh because the snow started during the night. We woke up to white, and the snow kept going until around 2 pm Friday afternoon. My company closed the office at 9 am Friday, which is a nice thing about working for a small company. I had been dragging my feet getting ready because the roads looked grim so I was still home when the email came in.
Since I'm on deadline for an article (actually I missed the deadline which is one of the nice things about being on staff), I spent an hour or two working on it. I had the best of intentions about going back to it after I hit a wall. You will not be surprised to hear I didn't.
Instead I started playing with my hand made socks and sock yarn stash.

Samson (above) is in training for the Iditarod. Baru (right), who doesn't like to be outside anyway, started complaining he was cold and wanted to come in. Really, they love the snow and run around like maniacs and dive into it.

Anyway. Sock yarn. As I said when I bought the Glazed Sock yarn last weekend, I was concerned about duplicating colors. So I took all the socks I've finished and all the yarn in stash and had a little photo shoot while the pups were outside. Then I loaded it all into Ravelry, figuring that as long as I can get to the internet I can check what I have.
Since I'm too clever for my own good, I also took pictures of everything with my cellphone, figuring it will be handy to have the information in that form as well since it is more portable.

Here are the finished I heart Husband socks. As you can see, to a knitter they don't match. But to him they are ok. I'm glad to have them off my plate.

I haven't been entering stash in Ravelry, although I do need to organize it, because I thought "who has the time?" However it was fun, in a weird way, and exciting to see it all there documented so nicely....well, I might have to spend some time in the attic tomorrow.

In addition to taking pictures of knitting, I finished the stealth knitting and passed that on. I also spent some time weaving in the ends on my Stars & Stripes Sweater. I'll get to wear it one of these days. There sure are a lot of ends to secure.
In other news I worked at Knitting Central today. A customer who is on Ravelry said she's been reading my blog. That makes five people! But still not my mom. Boy am I going to be in BIG trouble when I finally tell her about it. Knowing that people are actually reading the thing encourages me to make entries. It also gives me a greater admiration for those bloggers who do post every day.

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