Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Scarf praise

If you can't toot your own horn on your blog, where can you toot it?

Monday was Hubby's first day back at school after the winter break. He wore his new scarf, of course, and gathered compliments everywhere he went. It was also previously praised by our hairdresser and the owner of a take-out dinner place we frequent.
It's so nice when a yarn an pattern come together like that.

In other news, I worked a little on the Ambrosia version of the Top Down Fingerless Mitts. Finished the ribbing and one repeat of the lace. I'll probably get through the thumb (or at least the thumb hole) tomorrow, if I get to work on it.
It is so interesting the way the condition of your hands can influence the feeling of the yarn you are working with. My hands are VERY dry today and actually yesterday as well. Over the weekend, when I was swatching, the Ambrosia felt so thick and soft and delicious. Not so today. It was fine to knit with, but when I stopped to grope it, not impressive. I'll have to heap on the hand cream tonight and tomorrow to remedy this situation.
I realized that my description of the two ended cast on wasn't very good. I tried to take a picture of it last night. But I wasn't feeling well, so it's kind of dark and close. Oh well, I'm sure someone else has documented it better.

What you do is hold the two ends together and make a slip knot, you don't have to leave a long tail because one of the strands coming from the ball functions as your tail. Then you do a regular longtail cast on and when you have enough stitches you clip one end. It's very handy for casting on tons of stitches because you don't have to worry about running out of tail.
Sure, I suppose you could do a knitted cast on or something, but I don't tend to use those so they don't occur to me.

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