Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Done: Talking to Socks

I finished the Talking to Socks.

No finished project photo though. I know, scandalous, right? My excuse is I finished them at like 11 pm last night and then went to bed.

Well, I went and checked my social networking sites and got busted playing on Ravelry at around 11:30 pm and Hubby was like "I thought you went to bed? I don't want to hear any whining in the morning."

And he didn't hear any whining because he was still asleep.

But the point is, it was dark, and late and then I forgot this morning. A picture will be forthcoming after The Guy in the Art Department gets around to it.

They were knit for my size 11 friend to thank him for his help with my pattern layouts.

I used Alchemy Juniper yarn in the Dream colorway, which is a vivid purple. The yarn is very soft and lovely.

US size 1 needles. I got 8 stitches to the inch.

Did them toe up to use as much yarn as possible. The plan worked, they are a good size/length and I only had around 6 grams left over (two little balls). So my Polka Dot socks, when they get made, will get to have purple spots, too!

I gave them to him this morning and they were received with much rejoicing and enthusiasm. I understand a few people made special visits to the art department to check them out. Not bad.

Oh, and Samson and Baru's contributions to the effort were noted. Their golden fur adds a nice glint.

So I have been without an active project for over 12 hours now. Good thing I was asleep for most of them. I think I'm starting to get lightheaded and my ability to focus is starting to suffer. I must concentrate on my hibernating projects, maybe that will get me through these withdrawal symptoms.

Next up, probably another pair of ribbed cotton socks. Or should I use my birthday yarn? I don't want to be working on anything too complicated during our trip later this month.

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  1. I agree. FOs are never the same without the "furring" of our pets!!!

    What WIPs do you have? I can't think of one you haven't finished lately.....

    Hmmmm.... what shall we work on next?