Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fit Accomplished

Still no pictures.

A girl can only do so much.

I'm a row away from starting the ribbing on the first Talking to Socks, so I've been making progress behind your back. ha!

Anyway. The Guy in the Art Department is back in the office today after some excessive business travel. As soon as I spotted him wandering the cubes I transferred the sock off the needles and onto scrap yarn. Then I cornered him and made him try it on.

He says the fit is fine. He did not seem the least bit concerned about the shape/pointiness of the toe. ;-)

He thought the sock was lovely and soft too. Then The Woman in the Art Department had to come over and check it out, "Can I touch it?" hehehe, non-knitters are so cute. She was amazed it wasn't itchy at all.

Now I've pulled out the lifeline I had at the heel in case the foot was the wrong length and I can knit with confidence.

This also means the second sock should fly along as I've got all the target numbers established and won't be dithering over the size/length at all.

I said I should have it done before I leave for my trip to France, which is toward the end of the month. That should be plenty of time for one little ol' sock.


  1. He shall now be forever known as the "Pointy Toe Guy in the Art Department". he he he ;)

    France! You are so lucky, Ann! You must take tons of pictures of EVERYTHING!

  2. LOL i've been a bit behind on my RSS reading...Talking to Socks. I love it.

    Speaking of nifty crafts, did you know you can have an action figure made of yourself for under $500?