Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've got nothing.

The Talking to Socks is continuing to grow.

However, as it's just plain stockinette stitch, there is nothing to report there.
The recipient is out of town, so I can't get him to try it on. I was considering getting Hubby to try it on, for a ballpark fit, but then Hubby might try to claim it and that would be bad.

I've decided to just roll with it and knit it anyway. If the foot is to small, what the heck, it's just a sock, I can rip back and re-do it.

The alternatives would be
  • Stopping the first sock and starting the second sock. But my other size ones are tied up in a stealth project.
  • Casting on for another project. But I'm kind of liking the project monogamy at the moment.
So I leave you with...nothing. Of course, I could have also not blogged today, and saved us all the time, but I was worried you'd miss me.

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