Monday, June 15, 2009

Look at My Cute Shoes!

Black earth maryjanes These are Earth shoes in the Solar body style.

I've been needing new black shoes for a while now. Well, I have dressy flats for wearing with skirts, and I have clunky platforms for wearing with jeans, what I needed was something in between for wearing with slacks.

I wanted a a pair of Doc Marten's shoes, so I dragged myself all the way down to the mall.

Of course, after parking at one end and walking all the way to the other end, the two stores I thought might have them didn't.
I looked in the windows as I passed other stores and they all seemed to carry either sneakers or scary high heels.

National Economy
I was feeling pretty pissy about wasting all that time, energy, and gas for nothing (especially since I don't like clothes shopping to being with), so I had to stop into Bath & Body Works to get some new lotions (on sale for $3 each!) and Victoria's Secret to get some new undies (5 for $25!).

I hadn't bought either for a long time, so I was feeling pretty justified.

But then I stopped at one of those free standing kiosks to get the battery replaced in the watch with the flashy red band and it cost $18! Holy smokes! Usually I get this done at a jeweler in town and I swear it only costs $5 maybe $10.

Local Economy
Red earth flatsThen I went to Hawley Lane Shoes back in town, which is where I should have gone to begin with.

They carry a wide variety of shoes in different styles by different makers. And they have the kind of staff that pounces on you (in a nice way) and actually helps you out.

What I didn't know was they were having sale and also a buy one get one half off sale. This made things a little more difficult since I had to scour the racks for a size and style I liked.

Of course, the little black, tailored lace-ups I wanted aren't in style right now.

I've tried on clogs (slides? the backless ones) in the past and have never found a pair I like, despite how good they are at showing off handmade socks.

I ended up with these two pairs of Earth shoes. These are the ones with the "negative heel" so you feel like you are falling back when you first put them on. They are supposed to be better for your back because they promote a more a more natural posture.

I looked at them once a few years ago, but the styles seemed really granola then. This time they weren't so bad.

The red ones might have been a bit of an impulse buy, because of the sale (the shoes were on sale and then the second pair was half off, so I got $200 worth of shoes for $93!!), but they are terribly cute. I won't take them on my business trip though, one pair of new shoes is crazy enough.

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