Friday, June 26, 2009

Done: Brainless Bamboo Shawl

BBS back I finished the shawl last night!

I used one skein of Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn and size US11 needles.
I just increased at the beginning of each row until I ran out of yarn, then I cast off.

Simple. One might even say brainless.

I was concerned a regular bind off would be too tight, so I did that one were you knit two together, pass the one stitch back, k2tog, etc. Well, it still ended up a bit tight. I'm thinking about redoing the bind off, but I've also realized it makes the top curve nicely, so I might leave it.

It ended up about 33 inches across cast off edge and 25 inches long. I was hoping/expecting it to be bigger, but this actually seems a good size for my 5'1" self.

The wing span is a wee bit small to be able to tie it in th front, which was disappointing. Then IBBS front remembered that I own all these nice pins that I never wear since I don't like impaling my clothing (I'm afraid it will make a hole). So I pinned it shut and that seemed to work out well.

Actually, the poor shawl was one of those projects that I finished then thought, "Bleh. Why did I make this?" But I'm starting to come around.

I wore it to work today and got compliments, which always helps. And it fits nicely and is warmer than you would expect, which is good for wearing over sun dresses in air conditioned offices.

Yeah, that's about all I can think of to say about this really simple shawl.

Speaking of socks
Baru attackNot that we were...My Cat's Pajamas Socks, I mean Eyelet and Feather Socks, were accepted for the new One Skien Wonders Sock Yarn book!
I think it's going to be published next year. The e-mail said I'd hear from them again in February.

We will not discuss the fact that the Eyelet and Feather Scarf wasn't accepted.
But it is interesting that I was like, "Oh, I'll just throw the socks in for the heck of it, since the pattern is all written up."
Now I'm really glad I did.

That's Baru attacking me in the picture. Always got to be in the camera frame.


  1. the shawl is beautiful!!!!! it hangs very nicely...looks like Baru likes it too!!!

  2. I am so happy that your Feather and Fan Socks made it! They are beautiful and I can't wait to make them myself!!

    Loving the shawl. Anything that is purple rocks! :)